Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Wrong Fuel in Ford Transit

Taxi driver Ray had just taken a couple to Luton Airport from Stevenage he had dropped them off at the terminal then stopped to fill his tank ready for his busy night ahead.
Ray left the filling station in his Ford Transit Minibus without a problem, he even made it to Hitchin, Hertfordshire some 15 miles away before the minibus started to jump. Ray wasn’t sure why and called his breakdown company as the transit had by this time grinded to a halt. He was asked if had filled up recently and asked to check his receipt. Yes it was Petrol in his Diesel Transit!
Ray was told it would cost him around £1500 to put right and would have to be towed to a garage losing his minibus for a week.
Fortunately, his Taxi office advised him to call Fuel Doctor for some honest advice and prompt action. 90 minutes and just £145 later Ray was on his way Letchworth for his next pickup!
Ray was over the moon following the horror stories he has heard from other taxi drivers who have miss-fuelled, Ray tells me he will be extra careful when selecting between Petrol and Diesel in future!

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