Friday, 1 November 2013


We recently carried out a fuel drain for a family on holiday from Australia. It was a Sunday morning and unfortunately they rang a company, (NOT FUEL DOCTOR) who promised they would arrive on site to drain the car within an hour.
Unfortunately after several phone calls and a three hour wait they still did not show up. Eventually they managed to get Fuel Doctors phone number. When we spoke to them we assured them we would get it sorted out and they would be on there way up to the Lake District in no time at all.
We arrived within 30 mins and then spent another 30 mins draining the car and cleaning the Fuel lines and Filter. They could not believe how much time they had wasted waiting for the other company. If they had rung us straight away we would have had them back on the road within the hour. They were so impressed with our service, they gave us a box of chocolates then carried on with there journey up to the Lake District.
PLEASE Ring us first time and we will give you an accurate and honest Arrival time and keep you informed at all times.
0845 45 90 000
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